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Industries we supply

OMB supply a whole range of different industries, below are just some of the manufacturing industries and products we supply


We source and supply various components for the pallet industry.
Pallet tops in chipboard, MDF and Plywood.
All of the above can be battened, have angle cut corners, be notched and machined to the customer’s needs.


The printing industry can have extremely short lead times when it comes to the supply of endboards / ram bundling boards, OMB have been able to react to these short lead times through our experience of supplying the printing industry over many years. From direct mail leaflets to catalogue and magazine work.

We supply the following products.

  1. 3mm to 18mm MDF or Plywood boards.
  2. Chamfered or radiused.
  3. Bullnosed.
  4. Painted.
  5. Drilled.

Shelving and racking

Within the shelving and racking industry there are many different configurations of design and customer needs. At OMB we are able to cover all the timber and sheet material requirements for the storage and warehousing markets. Following are some of the products we source and supply for the shelving and racking industry.

  1. 12mm to 38mm P2 Chipboard, with all UDL loading specs.
  2. 38mm T & G Chipboard Flooring for mezzanine floors and walk ways. ( bespoke T & G if required )
  3. Longspan shelving
  4. Carpet racking up to 5 metres
  5. Locating blocks at battens.
  6. Closed and open boarded timber decks.
  7. Dividers.


OMB supply cut to size and machined panels for headboards, upholstery frames, cabinets, draw bases and wardrobe backs.


We supply packaging and case manufacturers with cut to size sheet materials and with full sheets.

  1. OSB3 8 mm to 25mm
  2. Plywood : soft and hardwood plywoods
  3. Plywood : 3.6 mm to 25mm
  4. P2 Chipboard : 12 mm to 25mm
  5. All cut drilled or routered where required.

Timber merchants

We supply the following into our timber merchant customers in full pack lots.

  1. Plywood, all variations of thickness and finish.
  2. Chipboard, T & G Flooring and square edge sheets.
  3. MDF, Std, MR in full range of thickness’s and board sizes.
  4. Standard hardboard.